This is who I am and what I enjoy...


  • Supporting others to succeed is my purpose in life.

  • I'm a qualified coach but my approach and methods are not qualified. I keep reinventing myself.

  • My spiritual journey helped me to discover who I am and what's meaningful for me in life.

  • My entrepreneurial experience taught me how to succeed in business.

  • I'm not perfect but my coach is helping me to live a perfect life.

  • I live the life I want and how I want it. Like good wines, it gets better with time.

  • I do not always follow society's rules. In fact, I seldom do.

  • My most productive time is in the morning.

  • I prefer to eat dinner early and to be in bed by 10 pm.

  • I'm vegan - not for health reasons but for the welfare of the animals and the planet.

  • I don't watch TV but I spend a good amount of time with Netflix.

  • I love djing - house, techno and deep house music. You can follow me here. My favourite DJs are Solomun, John Digweed, Sasha and Carl Cox.

  • I love speed (not the drug) - whether it's living, driving, riding, paragliding, skiing or anything else that has movement. It keeps my adrenaline high and my spirit young.

  • I'm an extreme skier.

  • Every Sunday morning I play touch rugby, another passion of mine.

  • I constantly educate myself. I only read personal development or business related books.

  • I love style in fashion, interior design, modern art, architecture, gardens, cars, yachts and people...

  • Every day I spend time with nature, appreciating all the good things I have in life.

  • I love travelling but hate airports. I'm working towards owning my own private jet.

  • My two loves are my partner who I met in an ashram in India and my dog Negra who comes to the sessions.

  • I never got the 'pub' culture. I'm more of a cocktail bar person.

  • I hardly drink these days but if I do, tequila is my thing (only good quality tequila)

  • I love hosting amazing events... from cooking for friends to organising holidays for 30 people.

Ready to start living a meaningful life?

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