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I am amaze with most of my Linkedin contacts. Each profile is truly an inspirational story and what really grabs my attention is that we all have something in common... we want to succeed by being the best version of us.

I genuinely believe that this world is getting better and better. There is a collective consciousness making a conscious effort to wake up day after day. Wishing well to the people in our lives and caring about people who are in need around the world. Caring about the planet, the animals, oceans, forests... more and more we are connected as one.

The best news is that this is contagious. There is no way back. Only forward. Each of us is helping each of us to wake up. To bring more light into this world. Those are the true leaders that are an inspiration for us. But nothing stops you to be a true leader. It all starts with the self.

We all have it! That's what makes us drive and always try to become a better version of ourselves. For example, how inspiring is this description of one of my contacts... "One of the most beautiful effects of living your passion is that it inspires other people to live theirs. This is the moment you unlock your greatness source of energy. Energy is contagious. If you are living your passion. You will see that by coming alive, you energize the people you meet. Passionate people unleash passion in other people. Love to make my clients happy. Thank you for building a business with me." Rosie C. (Montreal - Canada)

Life changes and challenges is what make us feel ALIVE! The secret relies on the way we see life. Einstein used to say that we can not solve the problems with the same thinking we used when we create them.

You know how people sometimes pursue a profession and then realise they are actually a natural at something else? Yes, that was me! After being in fashion for 15 years and running my own restaurant for 7 years I decided to make a major career change and pursue my passion of helping people make their dreams real. I have to move from my comfort zone to the unknown, and that's where the magic happens!

Are you living the life you are meant to live? If not, here is the killer question ;)... what is it holding you back to be who you are meant to be!? What is stopping you to untangle the true fire within that is screaming "I AM MEANT FOR MUCH MORE IN THIS LIFE"

Untangle that mystery and your life will shine. This word needs the best version of you.

Have a great day!


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