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For the last year, I have been helping hundreds of entrepreneurs through my workshops, master-classes and one-to-one sessions, and guess what, these are the three top challenges I hear the most:

1. Lack of money – for many this is the most stressful challenge;

2. A feeling of overwhelm with the amount of work to do;

3. Feeling isolated and lonely, without a community to offer support both with work but most importantly emotionally.

Does this resonate with you? It definitely reminds me of the time when I was running my own businesses.

So how can you manage these challenges?

The first and most critical step is, to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself if what you are doing is what you really want to do.

Today, as a coach, I’m in the same situation you are. I still need to pay bills, find new clients, feed my social media channels, organise events, do networking, keep up with trends, have my website up to date, go to the gym, walk my dog, have something of a social life and cook for my partner (well she also cook… most of the time to be fair), but you get the point.

The difference is that before everything felt like a struggle - a constant fight that depleted my energy and motivation. I felt like I really needed to push myself and keep going because ‘quitting is for losers’. And guess what, my EGO was so big that there was no chance I was going to quit.

But in the end I quit as the entire universe was shouting at me… “you are not happy with what you are doing with your life”, and I couldn’t ignore it any longer. When I was really honest with myself, I realised it just wasn’t what I wanted to do.

Now, as a coach, work is not a struggle anymore. On the contrary, it’s a total joy! It’s like surfing a wave or skiing deep snow powder, but here is the BIG difference: before I needed to push and use my willpower to make things happen (most of the time things didn’t happen) and now I feel pulled by a force that makes me want to do more and more of what I’m doing.

We are like magnets. When you are facing north you feel attracted to your purpose in life. Contrary, when you face south you will always feel a resistant in life.

When you are tuned in with yourself and you do what you love to do, you are good at what you do and you get paid for what you love to do: ie you are operating from your “sweet spot”.

Do you feel like you’ve found yours?

Here is how you can tell. When you are at work and you are one or two weeks away from your next holiday, is time standing still, so that it seems your holiday will never come? And yet when it does finally come, is it over so fast you feel like you never had a holiday?

If your daily life feels heavy and slow and you want changes to happen fast, that means you are not living the life that you are supposed to live. On the contrary, if you feel like your life is as exhilarating as being on holiday then you are on track. You know that there is more to learn and do, but you are not in a hurry because you are enjoying your holiday.

That’s exactly where I’m now in my life, and I would love to help you get to that stage too.

If you want to talk about your sweet spot, lets get the conversation going and if you want to take advantage of my 50% OFF PROGRAM then remember that this deal is available until Sunday 29.01.17!

Here’s to your sweet spot…


PS. Sharing is caring, so if you know someone who would benefit from this words, please share!

Oh and I almost forgot, you're invited to my private Facebook Group for Entrepreneurs. Click Here to request to join. I can't wait to hear in the group what your challenges are and what are your plans for 2017 and beyond!

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