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Do you think that the USA is right to build a wall between Mexico and the USA? If yes, then this message is not for you.

If you disagree, why do you think it’s wrong?

Take some time and think a bit deeper. Don’t just be happy with the easy answers. Really think about it. If you want to have a “eureka” moment, note your answers down.

Why is it wrong to build a wall? Try to get at least five reasons.

The purpose of this exercise is not to enter into a political debate but to reflect on who we are as human beings and how we operate in this world.

The US president’s new policy is to protect the USA as much as possible from terrorists, rapists, criminals and “bad hombres”. To do this, the strategy is to isolate the USA from part of the world, thereby potentially blocking countless of good things and opportunities from happening.

In my experience, we have all created walls and armour around us, to protect us from the external world.

Sadly, the taller and thicker we make the wall around us, the more miserable we become. We end up feeling lonely and depressed, like living in a prison we have self-made, without joyful contact with the external world, the true colours of nature lost to us.

This false belief that we need to constantly protect ourselves is what really ‘consumes’ our joy of living. Wayne Dyer used to say something like “one who lives aligned with nature does not go against the way of nature”. Our true nature is to be connected with all that is around us. The entire universe is orchestrated in such a way that life should flow, and not be compartmentalised. All of nature (which includes people) is interconnected, and the whole only thrives if that interconnection occurs freely and without obstruction.

Think of the best moments in your life. Regardless if you were with someone or by yourself, I’m almost certain that they have all been moments where you threw down your armour and you were open, allowing the magical moment to happen. That is our true nature.

So, if you can see that building a wall is inherently wrong, why do you do it in your own life?

Check your notes, and see if there is any relationship between the two walls and what it is that the walls are designed to achieve.

If you can recognise that the US approach is wrong, then perhaps you can also start to acknowledge that your own wall, is also wrong.

Let go of any fear, and trust the universe, who is here to take care of us, not work against us. Open yourself to your life and all the incredible opportunities that pass you by every day. Just let the magic happen, as it really does happen when you surrender to the unknown.


PS. Don’t be shy! I love hearing your comments and feedback!

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