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[A reminder for people who are on a spiritual path]

Last week I was at the Venice Carnival, surrounded by the most amazing costumes and masks, and a thought crossed my mind and reminded of one of the most powerful, life-changing and freeing lessons I have ever had.


It was 13 years ago, at Osho's ashram, when I first heard that we are not our minds or our bodies.

At the time, it was the craziest thing I had ever heard and for some time after, I tried to understand what Osho meant. But like in the Matrix all I wanted to know was the truth of who I really was (blue pill or red pill) as I knew that there was more to life than what I was living.

My first thoughts were: if I am not this body or this mind, who am I? Who is asking this question?

With time, I came to recognise that Osho is correct, and this is my way of explaining how I know this to be true.

From the moment that we are born, and as the body grows we never question “am I this body”. Why would we? Who else could we be? And so, we live with the false assumption that we are our mind and body.

The mix-up starts at some point in pregnancy where the real you and the body/mind are joined like Siamese twins and are born that way, but that’s an illusion.

We believe that our body is our ‘costume’ as we have been born with it. But have you ever challenged that? Have you ever thought how your life would have been if you would have had a different body? If you are a woman, imagine being a man (or the other way round). If you feel that you are beautiful, how would your life be if you weren't (or the other way round)?

In the same way that the mask and costume is not the person, the body is not you, but a physical expression of ‘you’. The real you, is aware of your body and mind, but is not your mind or body.

I want you to visualise a red cube. Now ask yourself: who is visualising the cube? You might answer that your mind is. And yes, that is right, but who is aware of the mind visualising the red cube? When you feel emotional pain, or you are really excited about a given situation, who is aware of the pain or excitement? When you dream in your sleep, who is aware of the dream?

It’s a very subtle shift, but if you can recognise that you are aware of your body/mind through your senses, then you will know that you are not your mind and body, but aware of what’s going on in your mind and body. Confusing, I know, but powerful.

Why is it important to recognise (not to understand) who you really are (or who you are not)?

  1. Because the mind is here to serve and should be used for that purpose only. If you have a true recognition, most of the unnecessary fear, suffering and mental noise will go.

  2. By knowing who you truly are, you can get rid of all the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

  3. The more distance you have from your mind, the clearer you will see life as it really is.

  4. The clearer life becomes, the stronger and more confident you will feel and be.

To summarise, whatever you think you are, you are not. Who you really are is shapeless and formless and constantly wanting to experience an extraordinary life through your body and mind.

If you want to talk about this more, why not get in touch.

Here's to a life of truth.


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