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As a kid, I used to love watching Tarzan, and I especially admired his ability to communicate with animals and his bravery in living amongst them. When there was a problem, they would all work together as a team, and he was the leader.​

Of course at the time it was just a nice Hollywood story, but today I can understand that that story is not so different to our own. We all live among other people, some animals. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts and only those who are brave enough are the ones that can lead and make a difference.

Tarzan’s legend is his jungle cry. His ‘talent’ was to be able to communicate with nature through his ‘roar’.

You see, we all have a talent - a super power – within. By talent I don't mean a skill. There is a difference between talents and skills. Skills are learnt and anyone can learn them, but talents are unique to you. No one possesses your talent but you. You can develop a talent into a skill but not a skill into a talent. For example, don’t ask me to sing… it doesn't matter how much I practise, you won’t want to listen to me ;)

Your talents have been given to you for two specific reasons: 1. To use them as the foundations of your life; and 2. To put them at the service of others to add value to this world.

When you live a life based on your talents, you will undoubtedly live a life of joy and happiness. There is a beautiful quote from Leo Buscaglia that says: “Your talent is God's gift to you, what you do with it is your gift back to God.

Tarzan’s power to connect with the outer world comes from within. His ‘roar’ is powerful. He owns it. He is confident. He has no doubts or second thoughts. He is in service and uses it for a specific purpose. He doesn't use it for his own benefit, but for the benefit of a bigger cause – the needs of the jungle and all those within it.

All he is is himself. His authority comes from within. He doesn't need strokes to reassure him how beautiful and masculine he is, and how perfect a body he has. His confidence doesn't come from the outside in. He is not worried about what the gorillas might think. He stands on what he believes. He would never betray nature, as he would be betraying himself. Instead, he cares and looks after nature, as he understands that we are all one. Connected.

The same applies to you! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. What is your “juice”? What do others struggle to do which for you is natural? What can you do for hours and feel like it was only a moment?

Awaken your talent and use it. Life is a gift, and if you miss your gift, you will miss your life.

London right now is in bloom. I swear the blossom has never been so beautiful. I’m mesmerised by the colours of the flowers, trees and plants contrasting the greens leaves and grass and the blue sky (yes, we do have some beautiful sunny days from time to time!).

Take some time to enjoy the blossom and contemplate your talents. Awaken your roar, even if it sounds like a timid miauu right now – if you don’t do it, who will?


PS. I’m passionate about helping people find their own ROAR. I’m working on a new program coming up in May. If you are interested in finding your own talent, drop me an email to

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