August 14, 2017


I always encourage my clients to create a Personal Declaration statement or Personal Mission statement.  I believe that investing time in creating an empowering Personal Statement is one of the most important investments one can make.




Because, if you don’t know what you want or what you stand for in life, how can you expect to have an awesome life?


It’s like going out for a road trip without any direction. Yes, you might experience great moments in your life, but at some point, you will ask yourself… where am I going? What should I be doing to get there?


A Personal Statement (PS) will:

  • help you to tap in to who you really are - at your core. It represents your own truth, your values, your hopes and dreams.


  • help to set you free from social conditioning. When you lose the fear of the opinion of others, you will no longer be a sheep and a powerful roar will rise from your heart.


  • give you clarity, a reason for being. It’s a reminder of what you stand for in life. It gives you focus and eliminates unnecessary clutter.


  • help you to start each day with the end in mind and support your goals in a creative ways.


This is because a PS is a direct contract between you and the universe (God, Higher-Self). It’s a declaration that you make for a short or long term. It’s a commitment that you can’t ‘cheat’ on, as there really is no one to cheat but yourself.


A PS is a powerful tool for making changes in your belief system, to develop new systems and/or to get rid of old ones.


The voice of a PS is much more powerful than the conditioning social voice.


A PS is an on going document that can change and evolve as you ‘grow’ as a human being. The things that were important to you five years ago may no longer be pertinent and that’s brilliant! (It means you are progressing and growing!).


For example, all my life I’ve been terrified of public speaking. I love the idea of speaking to big audiences but I have hated myself for letting fear stand between me and my dream.


One of the elements of my PS is to become an inspirational public speaker and although it was quite a stressful idea, after 150 hours of training I’m starting to feel the beauty and enjoyment of being on stage.


But writing a PS and leaving it in a drawer has little use. You need to read it every day until it's totally ingrained in your belief system.